Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I just created this really cool avitar (?) for myself while I really should have been working...Oh well :)
So, What do you think?

Monday, September 28, 2009


What a complete slacker I am!!
I could drum out a list of reasons why I haven't posted since August (and in fact I will) but that's still no excuse. All I can say is I promise faithfully to do better. This eve I will run home from work and take heaps of pics of some of the clothes I've made recently. But for now I'll start on that list of reasons.

I finally, after 5 years, have made the decision to sell my lovely lovely unit and up-grade to a house. So preperations are afoot to make the place sale ready which is very different from livable, I assure you. It involves turning a junk/ sewing room and, well, another junk room into bedrooms. Removing ALL personal / kitchy stuff.....

Overseas happens in 16 days OMG. So look forward to another post soon
Ta Ta

Monday, August 10, 2009

Well Hello Sailors and Sailorettes. Welcome aboard!

In my very first post on my new blog I think the courteous thing to do would be to introduce my self a little and my blog a little too. Me, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I work full time in a professional job which I very much enjoy. I take salsa dancing lessons and I take sewing lessons, as a student that is. In both pursuits I think of myself as high beginner, almost intermediate but not quite. I don’t really take pictures at Salsa but I do take pictures of new items of clothing I make. Hopefully you’ll find my ramblings on this topic of interest. Clothes making is my main sewing interest. I don’t do quilting or other crafty stuff much. I did knit a divine maroon, scarf recently (in June) for my mum’s birthday, but so far that’s been a one off. Only thing I’ve knitted in years. Although, it was really quick and easy so you never know… I will do my best to procure a picture of her wearing it very soon. She can be a bit camera shy you see. As can I for that matter. I’m thinking I may like to reveal in the anon here so don’t be disappointed if you don’t see my face much or I don’t provide much in the way of personal detail.

I also love eating out (or in for that matter) so you may see food pictures and restaurant or bar reviews. Trust me, I will tell you if I find the waiters rude or patronising (or cute and extra lovely) just as I’ll tell you if I find the food terrible, stingy, mouldy or overpriced (or brilliant, divine, exquisite, so reasonably priced I wonder how they turn a profit) . Oh yes I can be a critical.

I love making the most of what my lovely city has to offer and will review events I go attend, new shops I discover or anything I thing that tickles my fancy and I think may tickle yours too. Oh, I have a thing for travel. Within Australia travelled extensively around my own state and I’ve visited NSW, Queensland and South Australia. Out side Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. My next O/S adventure will include China and Singapore later this year and after that (possible next year) Vietnam. Part of the course I’m currently studying involves a trip to Vietnam. I have 3 other subjects to complete before then so could be a while. Did I mention I’m doing a Graduate Certificate part time too? I’m taking one subject per semester so, two per year. I’m currently doing the first. Actually, that could provide for some funny antidotes too. Stay tuned.

So as you can see I’m a busy personal with some diverse interests. I hope this blog will reflect all of these interests and provide for some entertaining reading and tempt you into making some interesting comments. On the other hand lurers are also most welcome. In the name of interest I will do my very best to include pictures in as many posts as possible, but not so many as to make page loading a misery. I will also attempt to be regular, with posting I mean.

Oh, and just to get it out of the way up front, I know I can't spell and my grammar is bad enough to scare teachers but I’ve made peace with this and don’t feel the need to change myself. I’d be considerably grateful if you didn’t feel need to point out my short coming. Trust me, I’m well aware. Gosh, two please for trust in one post. That must be enough for one day.
TTTNT (ta ta till next time)